Monday, May 30, 2011

11th Hour

11th hour, satu filem pendek yang saya dapat tahu masa baca Contengan Jalanan [Ramadhan] dalam blog hlovate tahun lepas. Kalau nak diikutkan, filem ni taklah se-best filem-filem lain. Mungkin sebab cara-cara pelakon tu berlakon. Tapi sebab quote dia tu yang menarik perhatian. Macam bermakna je.

A man that decides to CHANGE on the 12th hour dies on the 11th.

Allah dah bagitau dan kita sendiri tahu, setiap yang bernyawa itu pasti akan menghadapi kematian. Jadi kena la prepare untuk menghadapi saat-saat kematian tu, yang kita sendiri taktau bila akan terjadi.

Dan sepatutnya kalau nak berubah tu, memang tak payah nak tunggu waktu sekian-sekian baru nak berubah. Sebab mati tu bila-bila je boleh datang. Kan?

Don’t turn your back on God, nothing in life is guaranteed. But if you keep your faith, something will be clearer than others.


Strange things happen when people are put in situations out of their control, follow Ahmed's trail of religious maturity when he stumbles upon 3 of the oddest roommates you'll find. Ahmed (Abe Saleh) is having problems beyond his control, good fortune rarely finds him. When he is assigned to his dorm during his second year of college he discovers his worst nightmares: A geeky MSA activist, an angry extremist and a wacky immigrant. His abhorrence for these characters makes him more aware of what is going on a round him. What Ahmed ends up realizing is that through these three odd characters he learns a lesson that has escaped him many times before: those who decide to change at the twelfth hour may not make it to that point. Ahmed realizes that his present life is stuck in neutral and he is looking for is a simple break.

11th Hour from Farooq Ali Khan on Vimeo.

*PS; mati itu pasti... hidup InsyaAllah - Sunan.